Family Law

Once upon a time, “family law” was a kinder, gentler term for “divorce”. It still is. On the other hand, family law has come to encompass much, much more than the process of ending a marriage.

Divorce-Related Services

In addition to divorce representation, we provide several divorce-related legal services including:

Alimony & child support modifications

Parental rights when children are born outside of wedlock (209C)

Complaints for contempt

Restraining orders

Sometimes a trial is unavoidable.  Our litigating attorneys have deep experience arguing such cases and ensuring each client gets what he or she is entitled to by law.

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Marriage-Related Services

Today’s modern marriages can be complicated.  Especially if this isn’t your first trip down the altar.  We’re here to answer your questions and make sure you know and understand all the legal options available to you.  These include:

Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements

Co-habitation agreements

Guardian-related Services

It is always difficult, and often heart-breaking, when family members are unable to make responsible decisions and fully care for themselves due to physical or mental infirmity.  We will be there, informing and representing you throughout the process.

Explain different types of guardianship (person or estate)

Navigating the judicial process

Collecting evidence needed for proving guardianship is warranted

Petitioning for guardianship